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The arrangement of the dressing room

 Many still think that the dressing room is a welfare of spoiled fashionable women who live in vast palaces. In fact, the organization of even a small dressing room is a reasonable and functional solution that helps to free the living space from bulky cabinets and keep all things visible and in perfect order. No wonder, in modern, even one-room apartments, many architects allocate a separate, if small, dressing room design for the storage of things and clothes.

 In its essence, the modern dressing room is an orderly system of shelves, rails, baskets, and shelving, which provides maximum visibility of the objects located in it, which fundamentally distinguishes it from the dark and cluttered pantries typical for many modern apartments. Usually, in small apartments, the storage role is played by a wardrobe or corner wardrobe, but a full dressing room planning has a number of significant advantages


 Pros of the modern dressing room:

All things in sight and easily accessible
You can use space from floor to ceiling and place more things
filling and configuration of the dressing room are planned by you individually
there is an opportunity to place an ironing board, a washing machine and other necessary, large-sized items
The other rooms remain free from massive cabinets and chests of drawers

The ideal modern dressing room design is the one that combines elements of the dressing room and the closet as well. It is a room in which you can expose and locate designer dresses and shoes with the naked eye in a unique and orderly and luminous space, a place where both the man and woman of the house can dedicate time to himself and plan what to wear that day. 

Anyway, a modern dressing room is much more than that: it is also a haven from the daily fuss, a room where to make calls and enjoy some time alone, as well as a place to have a cocktail or a glass of champagne with your friends before going out at night. It is no wonder that more and more homeowners decide to turn the unused space of the bedrooms into their dreamy dressing room.


When deciding what to wear, being in an environment that visually stimulates your imagination helps a lot. For this reason, the modern dressing room is the part of the house in which the owners can give free rein to their decorative tastes, whether it involves the design of a very feminine environment in pink and violet or a gold dresser in the style of Marie Antoinette. 

In any case, regardless of the decorative scheme, it is important to remember that the main purpose of the dressing room design ideas is that of storage. Therefore, the starting point for most of the designs will be to establish a series of cabinets and shelves, ideally of an open structure, that is, without doors, to give you an inspiring visualization of the set of clothes and accessories. With the perfect blend of symmetry and repetition.


Use all space from floor to ceiling
Men's and women's things in the family dressing room are best placed separately, because women usually have longer things for which a high compartment with a bar is needed, and men need more sections for short wardrobe items, as well as specific sections for ties and belts
Keep the outer clothing closer to the exit. The logic is simple: to put things in the wardrobe as you put them on yourself
if we hang things by colors, to search and choose a harmonious set will become faster and easier
a large number of shoes should be placed vertically on special inclined shoes, seasonal models - at eye level, while the rest are higher or lower
If you change clothes in another room, you can use a large draw out and drawers
boxes with transparent walls and lids allow you to keep all things in front of your eyes, they can be laid, for example, shirts or T-shirts
do not forget to hang in the wardrobe mirror and put at least a small ottoman so that you can sit down
To facilitate access to high sections, use lifting elevators-pantographs that withstand a load of up to 30 kg


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